Nutrition Services
Position Code
Not Specified
Education Required
High school education/GED
Type of Position

Cook (Salads, Production)

Job Description:

Hours are 10:30a - 7:00p. Every other weekend is required. JOB SUMMARY: The major tasks, duties and responsibilities in this position include: following standardized recipes for the production of salads and cold foods according to patient, cafeteria, and catering needs; placing food products in appropriate serving containers, following department policies and procedures and standards for food production and storage; assisting with the accomplishment of other tasks assigned by supervisor; cleaning, sanitizing, and storing department equipment, vessels and utensils; knowledge of patient diet restrictions; participating in department, recipe and product CQI teams. On weekends, the individual in the AM salads position will perform the duties of cashier, serve and clean up the cafeteria and serving area. On weekday and weekends, the PM salad worker will function as cashier, serve and clean up the cafeteria serving and dining areas. In addition, compliance with the following hospital-wide standards is required: complying with safety and emergency procedures; demonstrating an awareness for the need for continual education of self and others; providing cooperative and courteous service to patients, visitors and co-workers; exercising the knowledge and judgment to perform required duties; documenting information, communicating information in an appropriate and timely manner according to department guidelines; demonstrating responsibility and accountability for adherence to organizational and departmental standards and policies; and demonstrating a commitment to the hospital's quality improvement process.

Job Requirements:

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. 2. Must be able to read and write and follow oral and written directions. 3. Able to count money and make change. 4. Able to work under stressful conditions. 5. Graduated from high school or equivalent. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Able to work in a latex burdened environment. 2. Able to lift cases of groceries, flour, sugar and containers of food that could weigh up to 50 pounds. 3. Standing for long periods of time with extensive bending and reaching. 4. Demonstrates adequate vision to read, prepare labels and to give appropriate portion control. JOB RELATIONSHIPS: 1. Reports to Nutrition Services Supervisor and Director. 2. Contributes a positive attitude and department cohesiveness by working cooperatively with other staff members. 3. Demonstrates a team approach.