Physician Practice Management
Position Code
Not Specified
Education Required
Vocational or Specialty Certification
Type of Position

Medical Assistant, Dr Metcalf

Job Description:

This position is 40 hrs/wk. Shifts between the hours of: Monday and Thursday 8am-5pm, and Tuesday Wednesday Friday 7am-5pm. JOB SUMMARY: Perform nursing procedures under supervision of a physician and assist physician in examinations.

Job Requirements:

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Possess willingness to accept orders and perform repetitive tasks. 2. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. 3. Loyal in matters relating to the office. 4. Has awareness of the need for discretion and keeping confidential matters relating to the patients and their problems. 5. Previously demonstrated performance in medical environment. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Able to work in latex burdened environment. 2. Able to speak clearly and distinctly with staff, physicians, patients, and families. 3. Able to hear to converse with others on the phone. 4. Demonstrates adequate stamina to deal with stressful situations and to complete the necessary work schedule. 5. Demonstrates adequate vision to prepare and read documents accurately. 6. Possess fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination to operate equipment. JOB RELATIONSHIPS: 1. Reports to the physician regarding medical problems and to the office manager regarding business matters. 2. Contributes a positive attitude and department cohesiveness by working cooperatively with other staff members. 3. Demonstrates a team approach.